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Khorate Packers and Movers started off with a single vehicle run by Khorate family. What started off with single vehicle transportation moving goods within city of Ahmadabad (Gujarat) in the year of 2016 is now a full-fledged packers and movers company which now caters to hundreds of customers every year. Khorate Packers and Movers runs on the belief that quality service should be affordable to all. Team’s vision and determination, catalyzed by hard work, have helped the company grow multifold in all the dimensions. Our company has grown in terms of services, areas and satisfied customers. We now cater our services to the entire state of Gujarat and Maharashtra, covering all the logistic needs such as packing, unpacking, warehousing, moving, house relocation, storage, etc.


As a company driven values, we are focused on quality service and aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Our team members work closely with customers and each-other to ensure the benchmark quality we strive to provide in our services. Our goal is to make quality packing and moving services affordable to all. We serve to small and medium business owners as well as families and individuals. Our customers’ satisfaction is our most prized possession. Quality service, carefully served.


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We are here to provide a platform to drivers and vehicle owners so that they can avail the benefits of a transportation company without investment and stress. Get regular work and enjoy a better life with us.

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Meet our Professionals


Sunil Khorate

CEO / Founder
Being a man of integrity, sharp business values, efficient administrative manoeuvre and coherent leadership skills, Shri Sunil Khorate has been the backbone behind the success of the business. Having a IT background as an Digital Marketing with the IT Company, he has regulated the working of the company in the most systematic way that has further added to the overall efficacy of the company.

Shital Khorate

Miss Shital Khorate is a woman who is bespoke for the logistics and transportation business. He possesses finest business skills which have been evident in the pace of successful development of KPM.


Ganesh is a Labour Worker in our company. Is work speed is too good. he knows his responsibilities to work.


Anand Bhai working in our company as a Labour and good Driver post. his work speed is too good. he knows his responsibilities to work. He is always anytime ready to work.